Root to Harvest Services

TN Extract Company understands the questions and risks involved in cultivating a new crop commodity. Our partnership contracts are built on sharing the risk as much as the results.

Hemp Revenue Potential

The most important aspects of CBD production – plant density, fertilization, and growing environment – are under your control. The more care you give your hemp during planting, growing and harvesting, the higher your yield, revenue and profits.

A key advantage of working with TEC is that we offer technical services to equip growers for a healthy harvest with crop testing, state testing coordination, pesticide advice, and clone guidance. We also reduce harvest labor with our transport containers and reefer trucks to take your hemp straight to our facility for drying, shredding and extraction.

We are here to answer the many questions new growers may have. We are not just a a processor, we are your partner in hemp farming – from root to harvest.

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